Kryptoin ETF Systems started in Toronto, Canada late in 2016 with one person anticipating that the masses would flock to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the companies that enabled ease of access would flourish in the environment. Part of this early trend recognition
was identifying the habits of investors and their preference for utilizing ETFs.

We predicted ETFs would be needed by investors that wanted exposure to the sector and to simplify their investment strategies. Cryptocurrency investing can be highly technical and confusing to many as they may not posses the in-depth knowledge of individual crypto assets.

Kryptoin strives to push the evolution of the ETF by incorporating decentralized systems and Artificial Intelligence to create the best ETFs of the new economy.

What is


Kryptoin is the first ETF platform designed to create ETF tokens comprised of currencies in desired proportions within a Creation Unit (aka. the basket). This Creation Unit Compositor is the heart of the ETF and can be programmed to include any blockchain tokens or coins in desired proportions. Create an index from the basket with the Index Compositor and calculate the coins Net Asset Value (NAV). Why buy multiple currencies when you can buy one that is representative of them all.

100% Backed

Kryptoin ETF tokens are backed by the currencies in the basket with its real time creation and redemption trading and exchange mechanism.


Our Assets Under Management (AUM) are published regularly and subject to periodic professional audits. Kryptoin in circulation will always match the reserves.

Blockchain Technology

The Kryptoin ETF platform is built on top of the underlying blockchain technologies, The address and nodes are all housed securely on our servers.


Kryptoin’s blockchain-enabled technology delivers world-class security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.

Trading Desk

A specialized trading platform required by ETFs to create and redeem ETF tokens on the exchanges and with the issuer.

Highest Liquidity

Kryptoin will be available for exchange with the trading desk. Its liquidty is uniquly not dependent on volume or supply of the tokens unlike closed end fund models.


ETF System

Smart Contract ETF Tokens

erc20 tokens are programmed with smart contracts to perform the tasks of exchange trading

Index Compositor

Cryptocurrency index funds are passive investment vehicles that are becoming increasingly popular. The expanding crypto asset market will require sectors within it to be represented and tracked. Our Index Compositor allows us to slice and dice the market into meaningful segments that help you make the right decisions.

Creation Unit Rebalancer

Creation units are often referred to as the ‘secret sauce’ of ETFs. Creation Units can be assembled and the Net Asset Value can be quoted throughout the system for exchange at the trading desk or on a participating exchange.

Create and Redeem ETF Tokens

Trading desks can create or redeem tokens with the issuer and the exchanges.

Liquidity Trading Desks

Trading desks perform the function of exchange trading and providing liquidity to the markets on the exchange.

Decentralized Assets Under Management

Assets in the AUM are held in trust and managed according to their smart contracts. The process is transparent and your ETF tokens are guaranteed.


Specialized trading interface Integrated with the exchanges
to enable the exchange trading mechanism

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