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What is Kryptoin?


90 sec Explainer Video

Welcome to the future of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
Kryptoin’s patent pending technological platform for Blockchain ETF’s are set to change the face of cryptocurrency investing
Join us for our launch on Dobitrade Exchange


Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Technical Whitepaper

Private Placement Memorandum

Token Auction Document

Patent Pending 62/663,941


Demonstration videos of the technology


MVP Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates how Kryptoin’s creation and redemption process of their ETFs and how it is settled on the blockchain. Level 3 – refers to the Trading Desk user and Level 4 – refers to the Issuer or the AUM


Trading Desk Demo

This video demonstrates the functions of the Level 3 user – Trading Desk. It provides an integrated trading function across multiple exchanges (Bittrex and Bitfinex) with the ability to trade the ETF and then hedge your position with the underlying basket of coins. Simultaneously.

Token Sale Structure

Complete token sale structure

  • What is ETF Token? ETF is the token that will be sold to fund the Kryptoin Blockchain 10 ETF on the platform
  • Total amount of ETF to be minted 1,798,043
  • Total amount of ETF to be sold 1,078,825 or 60% of the total
  • What about the 40% Remaining ETF? Will be vested to the team after 1 year
  • Why does ETF not have an actual start price? ETF is equal to the NAV (net asset value) which is a constantly changing value. ETF NAV is calculated in real time.

    The start price will be determined on the sale date due to the variable nature of the ETF price
  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • USA Participants Accredited investors are allowed under Reg D 506(c)
  • Payment Methods ETH only.

    Please contact us before if you need to exchange other currencies to ETH


The purpose of the ETF Token sale is to seed the ecosystem and place funds under management.  The ETF will be traded globally having secured listing agreements with multiple exchanges. The Kryptoin Exchange Trading mechanism is set to change digital asset management.


Distribution Schedule

  • Auction Dates TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
  • Number of Tokens 100,000 195,765 195,765 195,765 195,765 195,765
  • Start Bid (Premium above NAV) 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
  • Reserve Price (Percentage of NAV) 60% 76% 82% 88% 94% 97%
Total of ETF Tokens Minted


Total ETF Tokens to be distributed through all 6 rounds will be

1,078,826.24 or 60% of the total

Funding goal

144,311 ETH

Distribution of Tokens

*Discounts awarded to the Token Sale Participants in all of the stages of the Dutch auction could equal a maximum of 15.13 % if all tokens were sold at their lowest reserve prices. However, the scenario exists that the proceeds from the auction may return more equity than NAV value because the starting price is 20% higher. In the worst case scenario if tokens were sold at their deepest discount it would equal 84.86% of NAV. The Kryptoin team proposes to utilize their allocations to make up for the shortfall.

915,493.05/1,078,825 = 84.86% of NAV

At the end of the token sale if there is deemed to be a shortfall from the discount in the auction. The AUM equity would be compensated from the 33% distribution of ETF tokens to the Kryptoin Team. The equivalent amount of the Kryptoin Teams distribution will be sold on the market to buy the underlying and placed in the AUM for 1 year. This ensures that the teams incentives are aligned with the token sale participants and more importantly the AUM will back 100% of ETF tokens in circulation.

Use of Proceeds

The Kryptoin team has completed or will have completed the ETF trading system by the end of the token sale. A demonstrable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) video is available. The token sale funds (95%) will go towards purchasing the underlying assets. A small allocation (3%) is utilized for operation of the system and marketing of the ETF token to be listed on the proposed exchanges. Another allocation of (2%) would go towards further development and system upgrades to enhance functions and capabilities.


ETF System

Smart Contract ETF Tokens

Decentrally backed by a basket of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Index Compositor

Cryptocurrency index funds are passive investment vehicles that are becoming increasingly popular. The expanding crypto asset market will require sectors within it to be represented and tracked. Our Index Compositor allows us to slice and dice the market into meaningful segments that help you make the right decisions.

Creation Unit Rebalancer

Creation units are often referred to as the ‘secret sauce’ of ETFs. Creation Units can be assembled and the Net Asset Value can be quoted throughout the system for exchange at the trading desk or on a participating exchange.

Create and Redeem ETF Tokens

Trading desks can create or redeem tokens with the issuer and the exchanges.

Liquidity Trading Desks

Trading desks perform the function of providing liquidity to the market directly or on the exchange by capitalizing on premiums and discounts on NAV.

Decentralized Assets Under Management

Assets in the AUM are held in trust and managed according to their smart contracts. The process is transparent and your ETF tokens are guaranteed.

Producing the worlds best ETF tokens and indexes. Giving Issuers the ability create custom indexes and launch their own ETF tokens. Utlized to suit their hedging needs.

The current world of ETF managers only have access to the tools available on the traditional stock markets and futures markets. Direct hedging and ETF functions on the crypto exchanges will solve that.

According to ETFG.com net inflows of money into ETFs in January of 2018 were a staggering $5 Trillion. Today the global ETF industry has 7366 ETFs with $4.969 Trillion in Assets from 373 providers on 70 exchanges. Since 2004 ETFs have had asset growth of an average of 18.9% yearly and have experienced 10 years of consecutive gains. They are considered to be greatest financial invention ever and are projected to have over $8.9 trillion in assets by 2020.

Megawallet Development

Future support for over 100+ cryptocurrencies to assemble any creation unit or index.


Create and redeem your token with your trading desks control all the coins under management a choice of different token technology from ERC20 to waves.


Assign liquidity partners designate authorized participants arbitrage the token values across exchanges and with the basket.


Fully integrated with participating exchanges to discover NAV across multiple exchanges


Road Map

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Installation of 10 Nodes
Bittrex API Integration
KRP 10 Index and NAV
Trading Desk
Megawallet and AUM
KRP 10 ERC20 Test Token
Testnet on and off chain
Token Sale + Airdrop
2019 Q3
Launch of KRP 10 ETF on Exchanges
Dobi Exchange HitBTC LAtoken IDAX
2019 Q4
Installation of 25 Nodes
2020 Q1
Release of KRP 10 Inverse ETF
2020 Q2
Installation of 100 Nodes
2020 Q4
Release of KRP 25 ETF
2020 Q4
Update to Kryptoin AUM 2.0 Decentralized API
2020 Q3
Robo Advisory and Artificial Intelligence Incorporation
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the your answer below contact us

The value of the top 10 currencies in one coin. An ETF technology platform built from the ground up’ By leveraging Blockchain technology, Kryptoin allows you to buy the value of the top 10 largest cryptocurencies in one convenient coin. The Kryptoin platform allows institutional investors and individuals to buy and sell directly through the trading desks with unlimited liquidity.

Register for the whitelist and we will notify you of the token sale date

A creation unit is the basis of the ETF vehicle. A creation unit consists of a basket of currencies in certain amounts and proportions that are exchanged for a block of Kryptoin by the issuer. For more details of the Creation Unit please see the Metrics tab.

Assets Under Management is the value of the cryptocurrencies that are held by the issuer in reserve.

Net Asset Value is the market value of one unit of Kryptoin which is calculated by using the total asset value of the Creation Unit divided by 1000 the number of ETF Tokens equal to the basket.

The trading desks are liquidity partners or market makers, They are integrated with the exchanges and provide the exchange trading mechanism for the ETF.

Kryptoin consists the 10 largest crypto currencies by market capitalization. Market capitalization can change and from time to time the index and the Creation Unit basket may be adjusted to reflect that Each Kryptoin is equal to a 1:1000 ratio of the basket currencies.

This is the index that the ETF vehicle tracks which consists of a weighted value of the 10 coins in the basket similar to the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Index. Kryptoin 10 Index is a proprietary calculation

Kryptoin is useful for individuals and investment entities – small businesses, investment banks, accredited investors and financial services etc. who may want to diversify their risk to the cryptocurrencies market by investing in the index as opposed to individual currencies.

Kryptoin tracks the performance of the 10 largest currencies and is subject to less volatility than any individual coin

Kryptoin is built on top of the erc20 blockchain technology and adheres to strict security and global government laws and regulations. All Kryptoin are backed 100% by actual assets in our reserve. Kryptoin is fully decentralized and transparent, we publish a real-time record of all value held Kryptoin can be securely stored, sent and received across the blockchain and are redeemable for cash or the underlying assets pursuant to Kryptoin Limited’s terms of service.

ETFs are a store of value. Our goal is to make Kryptoin available on all exchanges and to provide the most liquid environment possible. The ETF Token will be made available to traditional financial service entities and individual investors worldwide through trading desks and through the exchanges in the future.

Yes. Kryptoin’s platform is built to be fully transparent at all times and is regularly audited. For more information view the Metrics page

Kryptoin has almost zero conversion fees, charges a small commission and offers top market exchange rates Sending between Kryptoin wallets is free. There are no fees for sending from your Kryptoin to an external Kryptoin-enabled wallet. Fees are incurred when sending Kryptoin outside of our wallet to a bank account or exchange or a third party wallet

Going through our know your client (KYC) approval process is required to purchase and redeem Kryptoin.

Register for the ICO and be the first to purchase Kryptoin with benefits for being early investors After the ICO you can purchase Kryptoin from the trading desks Sign up for the Upcoming ICO

Kryptoin is committed to operating in a secure and transparent way, while adhering to all government compliance and regulations. For this reason Kryptoin does not operate in countries and U.S. states that do not regulate virtual currencies. Users will not be able to access the Kryptoin services from these locations and Kryptoin will not be able to offer services to Residents of these locations. Current countries with limited functionality: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen. Current U.S. states with limited functionality: New York, Washington.


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